Comedy Cat is an open mic event in Ealing, West London. It happens at the Beerkat Pub opposite Ealing Broadway station every Friday. It's hosted by Glynn Goodall, and there will be at least 12 different acts. A mini stand up festival each week!

There will be performers of all experience levels, from up and coming comedians, to comics who have been on the comedy circuit for a long time. 

Each week there will be a paid headline act. If you want to perform on stage, you can apply here on the website. If the slots have been filled, sign up for our waiting list to be the first to know when new spots become available. It's free entry, and a fun night - but there will be explicit langauge, as well as lots of laughter. It may even extend your life, hey - scientists haven't proven laughing doesn't do that!

A fun date night, for couples or if you are single. Who knows, you may neet the love of your life there. You probably won't, but it does raise the odds slighly.

If you love stand up comedy, or you just want to see some amazing comedians before they hit big, then come along. What's the best way to get on stage? Come and see a show in person beforehand.  Stay for the whole show - get a free sticker and become part of the club! Peform and tell the best cat joke of the evening, and you will win the prestigious Lulu award (named after Glynn's cat). Or at least you'll get some free therapy out of the deal.

It's a non bringer night, new and existing material, all experience levels welcome. It's a comedian and comedienne's night for comics. Everyone gets five minutes, and if the crowd is with you - then you get to perform for as long as you like (within reason). So, bring a bunch of people with you - and you'll get to be on stage as long as you like!